Fukui Byora Ltd., 3D Animations


Role: Animator, Graphic Designer   /   Employer: Fukui Byora Ltd. Japan

Paid Co-op: Fall ~ Apr 2015 /  Project Type: 3D animation, Graphic Design

Program used: Autodesk 3dsMax, Adobe Photoshop

As part of my second project during my internship at Fukui Byora Ltd., I was tasked with designing the 3DCG portion of an exhibition video that was going to be used at various conventions in Japan. The video showcased two original medical equipment (endoscope and prosthetic leg) and a textured model of two pre-made models (needle and a cathoder) modeled and textured by me. The video was a collaboration between my supervisor and I. 



When first discussing about the project, I was told to design a video with 3D animations showcasing the company's new medical lineup for an upcoming exhibition. At the time, the project was still in development from the higher ups so I was up to come up with some original storylines for the time being. 

You can see that I tried a more playful approach in the concepts, using simple characters to showcase the internal workings of the company. But it was quickly disregarded as it wasn't what the video was asking for. I also learned that playful designs, while suitable for some situations, are not suitable for the image that Fukui Byora wanted to display to the world. Coming from internships where artistic freedom was encouraged, it was a suprriisng yet expected reaction. 


Showcasing the lineup

After further discussion, the direction of the video was going to be more focused on the products that inhabit the parts that Fukui Byora produces (endoscope, etc). The idea of showing information in dynamic UI style was researched and presented, which was accepted well by the supervisors. The wireframe to solid transition for the models was also incorporated to show the Fukui Byora products and the medical products they inhabit in one smooth animation. 

Examples of videos that showcase items with dynamic UI from video games were researched and adopted for the exhibition video. 

In the end, majority of the animations I created did not make it the final cut, but I was still happy that the models I created were used in a video that would be shown to numerous attendees across the world. Many ideas were presented but never came into fruition and was another reminder on designing for the audience (the supervisor & higher ups) rather than my personal design styles.